The truth about low‐fat foods

Story Highlights

  • Always read labels
  • Low fat doesn't mean low in sugar

You want to lose weight, right?
You know that foods high in fat can make you gain weight, right?
So you always look for foods labelled low‐fat in the grocery store, right? Wrong.

Read labels

Always read the nutrition information on the labels of products you buy. Food labelled ‘low in fat’ contain no more fat than 3 g per 100 g of solid food or 1.5 g per 100 mL of liquid food.

Look at the overall kilojoules or calories in a product, not just how much fat it contains. Just because something is low in fat or ‘light’, doesn’t mean it’s low in kilojoules!

Often foods which are labelled ‘light’ contain a high sugar content to increase the flavour lost when the fat is removed