Gastric Banding Procedure


Gastric Banding Procedure

Tired of having no energy? Tired of shopping in the plus sizes section? Want to be able to play with the grandkids? Find out how Gastric Banding Procedure has made problems like these a thing of the past for people who have undergone the procedure. 

  • Patients can lose up to an average of 27kg of their excess weight in 12 months
  • Gastric Banding can be significantly more effective than non-surgical treatments
  • Patients have shown maintenance of their weight loss 15 years after their procedure
  • Effective weight loss can lead to either complete control of – or improvement in – obesity related diseases such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, hypertension and obstructive sleep apnoea, among others.

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During the 30-45 minute procedure, a Gastric Band is fastened around the upper stomach.


Along with your healthcare professionals, we will be with you every step of the way.


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The Gastric Banding Procedure Journey

Before you decide to proceed with the Gastric Banding Procedure, you need to understand that while the band is a great tool for getting you started on the road to weight loss, you have to be committed to making the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure it’s a success. Once the decision is made you need to plan and prepare for how your life is going to change after the procedure.

  • Decide

  • Plan

  • Prepare

  • Recover

  • Review

  • Explore

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