Orbera Weight Loss Program



Need to lose a few extra kilos for that special birthday celebration? Want to look your best on your holiday? Find out how the ORBERA® Weight Loss Program has helped real people achieve their goals and turn their life around. 

With ORBERA® you can:

  • Enjoy a feeling of fullness soon and longer after meals, which encourages portion control and helps manage hunger
  • Achieve a seven times higher weight loss at 24 months (11.2kg) than those relying on diet alone (1.5kg)
  • Feel supported by a qualified team of medical experts who will tailor a program specifically for you and keep you focused on your goal
  • Learn proven ways to help you maintain your weight loss over time
  • Benefit from a successful non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach to weight loss

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The beginning and the ending are the exciting bits while the middle section is sometimes just a hard slog.


During the period the ORBERA® intragastric balloon is in place, you will meet regularly with your team.


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The ORBERA® Journey

No matter what your goal, the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program could help you. It has a 12 month weight loss support program and is designed to support your lifestyle changes and help you lose weight with a kick start.

  • Deciding if ORBERA® is right for me

  • Preparing for ORBERA®

  • Losing weight with ORBERA®

  • After ORBERA® support

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